Karen Scott

Marketing Specialist

The daughter of a successful dentist, Karen Scott began her career in promotion and marketing at age seven, organizing activities and gaining the participation of both boys and girls in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles.

Karen spent her summers from age thirteen until she graduated high school working for her father’s dental practice, assisting during patient treatments, cleaning, organizing, and listening to her father’s woes about the lack of patients and the ADA rules forbidding advertising or promotion.

Karen decided to become a Dental Hygienist, enrolling in the Diablo Valley Junior College pre-med program in Pleasant Hills, CA. As one of the top Hygiene programs in the country, cadaver dissection was part of the program. Bringing incense and her sense of humor to class, Karen again used her marketing skills to get her lab partners through the process un-traumatized. While in college, she worked part time at a chiropractic office where she learned to run the front desk.

When she started her family, she left the health field, but began to produce large events for her church, increasing attendance and participation ten-fold over a two-year period. She discovered a love for the area of marketing and PR.

In the early 1990s, Karen took a job to learn the technology of market research and in 1993 went to work for a company doing business in Russia to help with the conversion of war-time products to consumer goods. After her first trip to Moscow, she orchestrated a US/Russia trade conference in Los Angeles for business leaders in both countries to meet and develop programs.

In 1994, Karen founded her own boutique marketing and public relations services company. Over the past twenty years, she has developed a strong network of professional talent for research, design, print, e-commerce and Internet channels. She has worked with small, mid-sized and national clients.

Karen’s expertise over the decades has been frequently applied to the health care industry. She can establish and run a full campaign – from postcard design and mailings to convention production and staffing, or any part of the campaign.

Karen prefers establishing long-term relationships with her clients, and thrives on the opportunity to prove the effectiveness of her marketing strategies as she helps clients consistently achieve their growth goals year after year.